Miami Business Law Attorney Serving Clients Worldwide

OlesiaResponsiveness, adaptability, and efficiency are the qualities that distinguish the law firm of Olesia Y. Belchenko, P.A., from its competitors. Located in Miami, Florida, we provide comprehensive, results-oriented counsel and legal support to individuals and businesses of all sizes - from entrepreneurial start-ups to international publicly traded companies - across a broad range of industries including, electronic payment services, banking and financial services, manufacturing and retail, cargo, shipping and logistics services, real estate, hospitality, and restaurant services.

Businesses throughout the United States and abroad trust us to provide efficient, long-term solutions that address their even most complex issues. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding results through long-term, cost-effective, collaborative partnerships with our clients. Exceeding our clients' expectations is at the heart of our approach to the practice of law.

We focus our practice on domestic litigation and business transactions, as well as facilitation of international litigation and business transactions. On the litigation side, we assist our clients with resolution of all forms of disputes, particularly, between businesses and among business partners, and as related to breaches of contractual obligations and business torts. On the corporate transactions side, we handle business entities formation, sale and acquisition of business interests, and preparation and negotiation of contracts, as well as provide corporate book maintenance, registered agent, and trademark registration services.

When business activities span across international borders, it is important to consult a lawyer who understands the cultural differences at play, and is capable of building and managing a team of legal professionals from several jurisdictions. The law firm founder, Olesia Y. Belchenko, was born and raised in Russia, and is fluent in Russian. Her international background and her connections outside of the U.S., when paired with her U.S. education, make her an invaluable advisor to companies engaged in international business.